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FAQ | frequently asked questions

What is the psychic internet?
The psychic internet is all around you, it is what science is now coming to know as the quantum universe. Every part of you is connected to this psychic internet you just have to learn how to tap into it.

Do you physically travel?
No only the etheric or soul parts of us psychic travel.

Have you seen aliens?
Yes - on our psychic travels we have both seen and communicated with many life forms that we could call aliens, but in reality some of these have been around on earth longer than we have - so really who is the alien? Some of these life forms do live in different dimensions and in different parts of space than we do so yes these are truly alien to us.

Can anyone do this?
Yes - its part of man's heritage. It just takes a little time and practice to learn how to quiet the mind and body to allow them to pick up the sensitive information.

What can I get from this psychic internet?
Well just about anything you need. The answers to questions, insights and healing, the ability to see into the past, the future and anywhere in time and space. The only limitation are the ones you put upon yourself - its all out there waiting for you!

Is your book available as a download?
Yes we have now added this service - and as ether is no printing cost the price is cheaper.

How long will I take to have experiences like yours in the book?
Hopefully soon - but it all depends on the individual and how much effort you put in as well as the natural talent you bring to the table. I have seen people have life changing experiences their first time out - and other it can take years.

Is Psychic travel dangerous?
Well I haven't seen anyone hurt yet - but you should explore basic psychic protection techniques and like it life trust your gut feelings about people and life you may meet. the universe is huge and full of life, by the law of averages some of these are going to be darker than others - just be sensible.

If you have any other questions to ask then please email me here.

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