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The psychic internet is all around you. In essence every part of you, your being is already connected to the psychic internet as we humans come already hard wired into this vast communication and information tool. The problem! – most of us don’t know its there or how to use it!

This book will show you how a group of psychics have been accessing the psychic internet for over ten years and also how YOU too can access and travel its highways, asking your own questions and receiving your own answers. Everything you ever wanted to know is out there waiting for you – you just have to access it.

From the early participation of Daz Smith in the small home psychic group they received communications telling them to write everything down in minute detail, and that ‘they’ whoever ‘they’ were, wanted the word to be spread – they wanted other humans to know their heritage and their possibilities – to try psychic travel for themselves. Over ten years in the making this book contains some of the many psychic journeys and experiences of a group of UK psychics.

Starting in the early nineties a small home circle group of experienced psychics and friends started to meet on a regular basis. Their aim, to take psychic experiences further than before with concerted joint efforts to push the boundaries of knowledge and time and space.

Over the years the group improved and expanded a method of psychic travel using an energy portal created by the living energy from the group themselves that became their window to the universe around us.

During the psychic travels the group went through many psychic training lessons from spiritual beings and encountered a vast range of what can only be described as alien life forms in alien places. Some of these life forms imparted great wisdom and knowledge on man, the process of psychic travel, the universe and even the future of mankind.

As well as alien life forms the group encountered Angels, departed souls and a being that can only be described as a shadow being. The book describes these encounters in terrifying detail and finally the answer to who they are and what they want from us.

As instructed all those years before Daz takes time in trying to describe the detail of these psychic experiences on both a physical and internal level. The later stages of the book are set out as a step-by-step guide to the developed methods to help
YOU psychic travel either by yourself or as part of a group.

Surfing the psychic internet is a professionally bound and printed 6x9” soft cover book. It contains 28 chapters over 168 pages. The book is also available as an e-book download.

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